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Bmt Series Magnetic Stirring Equipment
Bmt Series Magnetic Stirring Equipment
Bmt Series Magnetic Stirring Equipment
Bmt Series Magnetic Stirring Equipment

Bmt Series Magnetic Stirring Equipment

Applications Widely used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, daily chemicals, alcohol, seasonings, beverages, dairy products, and chemicals.
Applications Suitable for simultaneous stirring or heating, suitable for flammable, explosive, leak prone, valuable, high-pressure, high vacuum, and low viscosity liquids or solid-liquid mixtures. There are various forms such as bottom stirring, side stirring, and top stirring.



Product description

The biggest advantage of BMT series magnetic stirring equipment is the complete separation of tank and tank, compared with the traditional stirrers, there is no shaft mechanical seal, widely used in high temperature and high pressure chemical reaction kettle (tank), and the material is flammable, explosive, toxic and other occasions that need to be completely sealed, eliminating the risk of leakage and chemical or microbial contamination. And the special maintenance needs associated with traditional stirrers. We have developed magnetic stirring devices that are able to form an absolutely airtight space and completely solve the dynamic mechanical seal leakage problem. The bottom-mounted magnetic stirrer is the most advanced device for low-viscosity liquids in pharmaceutical and biotechnology production. The compact design, low maintenance and high reliability ensure trouble-free production. The use of the bottom-mounted stirrer also makes room on the tank lid for sensors, valves and viewing mirrors. The top-mounted magnetic stirrer is a significant improvement over the traditional magnetic stirrer technology. A significant advantage for practical applications is that it is easy to maintain and therefore cost-effective compared to the stirrer with mechanical seal, avoids the problems of traditional stirrer with mechanical seal, and allows the use of multiple types of granulators. The specific impeller is then fixed to the shaft according to the process specification. (Customized selection according to user requirements.)

Product features

(1)  The axial thrust of the mixing assembly and the nut lock, no out of the possibility; Double isolation sleeve structure and leakage monitoring alarm can be configured to realize double security protection and ensure the stability and rationality of the security structure. There are many forms of stirring, side stirring, stirring and so on.

(2)  Optional welding installation and flange installation.

(3) The physical isolation component ensures the internal cleanliness of the magnetic transmission device, without frequent maintenance.

(4) The bearing is placed inside the magnetic transmission device and will not contact the reaction medium. No need to add grease frequently, long service life.

(5)  High temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, high speed, high torque (high power).

Scope of application

It has been widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, daily chemicals, wine, condiments, beverages, dairy products, chemical and other industries. The magnetic stirring equipment is widely used in colleges and universities, environmental protection, scientific research, health, epidemic prevention, petroleum, metallurgy, medical and other units of the necessary tools.

Performance parameters

Standard performance Table:(Prime mover speed n=2900 r/min)
Type of pumpInlet of suction
Outlet of discharge
Name of impeller
Flow rate QHead of head
Power of shaft
Cavitation allowance
Motor model Power (kW)& medium specific gravity (g/cm3)
Bmt32-20-12532201253.2 0.89 20280.62 2.0 1.52.23
Bmt32-20-16032201603.2 0.89 32251.12 2.0 2.234
Bmt40-25-12540251256.3 1.75 20350.98 2.0 2.234
Bmt40-25-16040251606.3 1.75 32311.77 2.0 345.5
Bmt40-25-20040252006.3 1.75 50253.43 2.0 5.57.511
Bmt50-32-125503212512.5 3.47 20421.62 2.0 345.5
Bmt50-32-160503216012.53.47 32392.79 2.0 45.57.5
Bmt50-32-200503220012.53.47 50315.49 2.0 7.51115
Bmt50-32-250503225012.53.47 802510.90 2.0 1518.522
Bmt65-50-1256550125256.94 20512.67 2.0 45.57.5
Bmt65-50-1606550160256.94 32454.84 2.0 7.51115
Bmt65-40-2006540200256.94 50408.51 2.0 111518.5
Bmt65-40-2506540250256.94 803714.72 2.0 18.52230
Bmt65-40-3156540315256.94 1252731.53 2.4 374555
Bmt80-65-12580651255013.89 20574.78 3.0 7.51115
Bmt80-65-16080651605013.89 32557.92 2.4 111518.5
Bmt80-50-20080502005013.89 505013.62 2.4 18.52230
Bmt80-50-25080502505013.89 804524.21 2.4 303745
Bmt80-50-31580503155013.89 1254042.56 2.4 557590
Bmt100-80-1251008012510027.78 20618.93 4.5 111518.5
Bmt100-80-1601008016010027.78 326114.29 4.3 18.52230
Bmt100-65-2001006520010027.78 506022.70 3.9 303745
Bmt100-65-2501006525010027.78 805638.92 3.6 557590
Bmt100-65-3151006531510027.78 1255068.10 3.2 90110132
Bmt125-100-20012510020020055.56 506541.91 5.0 557590
Bmt125-100-25012510025020055.56 806369.18 4.5 90110132
Bmt125-100-31512510031520055.56 12558117.42 4.5 160200250

Standard performance Table:(Prime mover speed n=1450 r/min)
Type of pumpInlet of suctionOutlet of dischargeName of impellerFlow rate QHead of headefficiencyPower of shaftCavitation allowanceMotor model Power (kW)& medium specific gravity (g/cm3)
Bmt 32-20-125322012520.565360.0820.550.751.1
Bmt 32-20-160322016020.568330.1320.550.751.1
Bmt 40-25-125402512541.115350.1620.550.751.1
Bmt 40-25-160402516041.118320.2720.751.11.5
Bmt 40-25-200402520041.1112.5250.5421.11.52.2
Bmt 50-32-12550321256.31.755340.2520.550.751.1
Bmt 50-32-16050321606.31.758310.4420.751.11.5
Bmt 50-32-20050322006.31.7512.5240.8921.52.23
Bmt 50-32-25050322506.31.7520191.812345.5
Bmt 65-50-125655012512.53.475410.4220.751.11.5
Bmt 65-50-160655016012.53.478360.7621.52.23
Bmt 65-40-200654020012.53.4712.5311.3722.234
Bmt 65-40-250654025012.53.4720262.62245.57.5
Bmt 65-40-315654031512.53.4732215.192.57.51115
Bmt 80-65-1258065125256.945470.722.51.52.23
Bmt 80-65-1608065160256.948451.212.52.234
Bmt 80-50-2008065200256.9412.5412.082.545.57.5
Bmt 80-50-2508065250256.9420373.682.55.57.511
Bmt 80-50-3158065315256.9432317.032.5111518.5
Bmt 100-80-125100801255013.895551.242.52.234
Bmt 100-80-160100801605013.898532.062.5345.5
Bmt 100-65-200100802005013.8912.5513.342.55.57.511
Bmt 100-65-250100802505013.8920475.82.5111518.5
Bmt 100-65-315100803155013.89324310.142.51518.522
Bmt 125-100-20012510020010027.7812.5595.772.87.51115
Bmt 125-100-25012510025010027.78205310.282.81518.522
Bmt 125-100-31512510031510027.78324917.792.8223037
Bmt 125-100-40012510040010027.78504331.682.8374555
Bmt 150-125-25015012525020055.56206516.762.8223037
Bmt 150-125-31515012531520055.56326327.672.8374555
Bmt 150-125-40015012540020055.56505846.972.8557590
Bmt 200-150-250200150250400111.11206732.533.2455575
Bmt 200-150-315200150315400111.11326553.643.57590110
Bmt 200-150-400200150400400111.11506386.483.8110132160

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