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BWB Series Magnetic Drive Vortex Pump
BWB Series Magnetic Drive Vortex Pump

BWB Series Magnetic Drive Vortex Pump

Diameter: DN15~DN50
Flow rate: 0.3~9m3/h
Head: 15-200m
Temperature: -90 ℃~250 ℃
Pressure: 0-42MPa
Power: 0.37kW~37kW
Materials: 304, 316L, 2205, 904L, TC4, TA1, TA2, C-276, etc
Fields: petroleum refining, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, power equipment manufacturing, and other fields

Product description

BWB series magnetic drive vortex pump with small flow, high head characteristics, in many complex conditions play other pump products difficult to replace the role, the pump has simple structure, small volume, light weight, easy to operate, easy to maintain, its unique performance is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial processes in the delivery.

The special structure of the pump can be applied to the occasion with low cavitation allowance and 20% gas. It has excellent gas-liquid mixing function and liqui-liquid mixing mixing function. It can evenly mix polymer compounds with other liquids that are difficult to mix, and solve the problem that the mixer is not competent. Magnetic drive vortex pump is widely used in liquid transport, circulation, small flow pressurization, high pressure washing, high pressure emulsification, high pressure spray and other technological processes.

Performance parameters

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