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BME Series Magnetic Drive Chemical Process Pumps
BME Series Magnetic Drive Chemical Process Pumps

BME Series Magnetic Drive Chemical Process Pumps

Diameter : DN25~DN400
Flow rate: 5.5 ~ 800m3/h
Head: 5 ~ 200m
Temperature: -90℃ ~ 350℃
Speed: 1450r/min~2900r/min



Product description

BMA, BME series magnetic drive chemical process pump is our company based on the traditional ZA, ZE petrochemical process pump, concentrated on the development of a successful new magnetic drive chemical process pump, for the chemical process in the leakage pump system to provide a better choice.

The series of products adopt overall planning and design, serialization of spare parts, high degree of universality, making parts interchangeability is good. The hydraulic components are optimized by computer aided design with reference to excellent European hydraulic models. The structure is novel, the characteristic curve is hump-free, and the performance is stable. Pump anti-cavitation performance is good, compared with domestic similar products to reduce the installation height of about 25~30%, efficiency compared with similar products has also been greatly improved. The product is designed according to API685 standard, with high reliability and easy maintenance, which has unique advantages in the petrochemical industry.

Performance range

Diameter : DN25~DN400

Flow rate: 5.5 ~ 800m3/h

Head: 5 ~ 200m

Temperature: -90℃ ~ 350℃

Speed: 1450r/min~2900r/min

Model meaning

※ BMA series magnetic chemical process pump for the foot support chemical process pump.

※ BME series magnetic chemical process pump as the center to support chemical process pump.

Product features

Fully sealed, no leakage, no pollution;

CFD design hydraulic components, wide flow channel, high efficiency, good cavitation performance, small radial force;

The flow-through parts are made of fine casting mold and silicone sol medium temperature wax casting process. The size is accurate, the flow channel is fresh and clean, and the efficiency is high.

Process liquid self-cooling lubricating transmission parts, generally do not need additional piping system, engineering investment is small;

The whole pump only needs 1-2 sealing rings to ensure the best safety;

Low eddy current isolation sleeve design, pump efficiency is higher;

Direct motor or coupling structure can be selected;

Multi-circulation mode, self-circulation, auxiliary impeller forced circulation, auxiliary impeller pressure circulation and external circulation, etc., to meet the different conditions of medium transportation;

When the working conditions need to increase the cooling or heating insulation jacket structure;

There are two forms of foot installation and center line installation, which are used for different temperature media. The basic type adopts the foot support, and the high temperature type adopts the center support.

Performance parameters

Standard performance Table:(Prime mover speed n=2900 r/min)
Type of pumpInlet of suction
Outlet of discharge
Name of impeller
Flow rate QHead of head
Power of shaft
Cavitation allowance
Motor model Power (kW)& medium specific gravity (g/cm3)
BME32-20-12532201253.2 0.89 20280.62 2.0 1.52.23
BME32-20-16032201603.2 0.89 32251.12 2.0 2.234
BME40-25-12540251256.3 1.75 20350.98 2.0 2.234
BME40-25-16040251606.3 1.75 32311.77 2.0 345.5
BME40-25-20040252006.3 1.75 50253.43 2.0 5.57.511
BME50-32-125503212512.5 3.47 20421.62 2.0 345.5
BME50-32-160503216012.53.47 32392.79 2.0 45.57.5
BME50-32-200503220012.53.47 50315.49 2.0 7.51115
BME50-32-250503225012.53.47 802510.90 2.0 1518.522
BME65-50-1256550125256.94 20512.67 2.0 45.57.5
BME65-50-1606550160256.94 32454.84 2.0 7.51115
BME65-40-2006540200256.94 50408.51 2.0 111518.5
BME65-40-2506540250256.94 803714.72 2.0 18.52230
BME65-40-3156540315256.94 1252731.53 2.4 374555
BME80-65-12580651255013.89 20574.78 3.0 7.51115
BME80-65-16080651605013.89 32557.92 2.4 111518.5
BME80-50-20080502005013.89 505013.62 2.4 18.52230
BME80-50-25080502505013.89 804524.21 2.4 303745
BME80-50-31580503155013.89 1254042.56 2.4 557590
BME100-80-1251008012510027.78 20618.93 4.5 111518.5
BME100-80-1601008016010027.78 326114.29 4.3 18.52230
BME100-65-2001006520010027.78 506022.70 3.9 303745
BME100-65-2501006525010027.78 805638.92 3.6 557590
BME100-65-3151006531510027.78 1255068.10 3.2 90110132
BME125-100-20012510020020055.56 506541.91 5.0 557590
BME125-100-25012510025020055.56 806369.18 4.5 90110132
BME125-100-31512510031520055.56 12558117.42 4.5 160200250

Standard performance Table:(Prime mover speed n=1450 r/min)
Type of pumpInlet of suctionOutlet of dischargeName of impellerFlow rate QHead of headefficiencyPower of shaftCavitation allowanceMotor model Power (kW)& medium specific gravity (g/cm3)
BME 32-20-125322012520.565360.0820.550.751.1
BME 32-20-160322016020.568330.1320.550.751.1
BME 40-25-125402512541.115350.1620.550.751.1
BME 40-25-160402516041.118320.2720.751.11.5
BME 40-25-200402520041.1112.5250.5421.11.52.2
BME 50-32-12550321256.31.755340.2520.550.751.1
BME 50-32-16050321606.31.758310.4420.751.11.5
BME 50-32-20050322006.31.7512.5240.8921.52.23
BME 50-32-25050322506.31.7520191.812345.5
BME 65-50-125655012512.53.475410.4220.751.11.5
BME 65-50-160655016012.53.478360.7621.52.23
BME 65-40-200654020012.53.4712.5311.3722.234
BME 65-40-250654025012.53.4720262.62245.57.5
BME 65-40-315654031512.53.4732215.192.57.51115
BME 80-65-1258065125256.945470.722.51.52.23
BME 80-65-1608065160256.948451.212.52.234
BME 80-50-2008065200256.9412.5412.082.545.57.5
BME 80-50-2508065250256.9420373.682.55.57.511
BME 80-50-3158065315256.9432317.032.5111518.5
BME 100-80-125100801255013.895551.242.52.234
BME 100-80-160100801605013.898532.062.5345.5
BME 100-65-200100802005013.8912.5513.342.55.57.511
BME 100-65-250100802505013.8920475.82.5111518.5
BME 100-65-315100803155013.89324310.142.51518.522
BME 125-100-20012510020010027.7812.5595.772.87.51115
BME 125-100-25012510025010027.78205310.282.81518.522
BME 125-100-31512510031510027.78324917.792.8223037
BME 125-100-40012510040010027.78504331.682.8374555
BME 150-125-25015012525020055.56206516.762.8223037
BME 150-125-31515012531520055.56326327.672.8374555
BME 150-125-40015012540020055.56505846.972.8557590
BME 200-150-250200150250400111.11206732.533.2455575
BME 200-150-315200150315400111.11326553.643.57590110
BME 200-150-400200150400400111.11506386.483.8110132160

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