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BM(GG) Series High Temperature Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps
BM(GG) Series High Temperature Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps
BM(GG) Series High Temperature Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps
BM(GG) Series High Temperature Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps

BM(GG) Series High Temperature Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps

Diameter: DN32~DN200
Flow rate: 1.25~400m3/h
Head: 8-125m
Temperature: -90 ℃~450 ℃
Pressure: 0-1.6MPa (high-pressure~42MPa)
Power: 0.55kW~132kW
Materials: 304, 316L, 2205, 904L, TC4, TA1, TA2, C-276, etc
Fields: petroleum and petrochemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, new energy, and other fields



Design features

1. Three cooling forms of rotor part, air cooling, water cooling and internal self-heating cooling;

2. The unique internal circulation and cooling system ensure the service life of the built-in sliding bearing and magnetic transmission components;

3. Automatic balance of axial force;

4. Thermal barrier insulation;

Product description

BM (G), BM (GG) series high temperature magnetic drive centrifugal pump is mainly characterized by stable transmission of high temperature medium, usually by the motor, magnetic coupler, cooling device and corrosion resistant centrifugal pump pump head four major parts, magnetic coupler with high temperature resistant rare earth permanent magnet material, can withstand high temperature medium below 350℃ and maintain strong magnetic torque.

A water cooling device is installed between the motor and the magnetic coupler to prevent the heat conduction of the pumped high temperature medium to the motor, so as to maintain the normal operation of the motor, so as to achieve the transmission of high temperature medium without leakage.

The flow parts of the pump can be used according to the needs of 304, 316L, 2205, 904L, TC4, TA1, TA2, C-276, HB2, HB3 and other corrosion resistant materials.

It is widely used in petroleum and petrochemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, new energy, new materials, environmental protection, natural gas, power plant, fertilizer, wastewater treatment, ship, nuclear industry and other fields and industrial supporting industries, etc. It is an ideal equipment for conveying high temperature inflammable, explosive, volatile, toxic, rare precious liquid and all kinds of corrosive liquid.

Use environment

High temperature magnetic drive centrifugal pump is dedicated to high temperature hot oil heating occasions or similar heat medium environment, selection of magnetic materials with high magnetic energy product and very low temperature coefficient, high temperature stability and chemical stability, BM(G) series can transport up to 350℃ fluid, BM(GG) series can transport up to 450℃ fluid, BM(GG) series can transport up to 450℃ fluid, It is an ideal high temperature magnetic drive centrifugal pump.

Model meaning

Performance parameters

Standard performance Table:(Prime mover speed n=2900 r/min)
Type of pumpInlet of suction diameter(mm)Outlet of discharge diameter(mm)Name of impeller diameter(mm)Flow rate QHead of head H(m)efficiency η(%)Power of shaft (kW)Cavitation allowance NPSHr(m)Motor model Power (kW)& medium specific gravity (g/cm3)
BM(GG) 32-20-12532201253.20.8920280.622.01.52.23
BM(GG) 32-20-16032201603.20.8932251.122.02.234
BM(GG) 40-25-12540251256.31.7520350.982.02.234
BM(GG) 40-25-16040251606.31.7532311.772.0345.5
BM(GG) 40-25-20040252006.31.7550253.432.05.57.511
BM(GG) 50-32-125503212512.53.4720421.622.0345.5
BM(GG) 50-32-160503216012.53.4732392.792.045.57.5
BM(GG) 50-32-200503220012.53.4750315.492.07.51115
BM(GG) 50-32-250503225012.53.47802510.902.01518.522
BM(GG) 65-50-1256550125256.9420512.672.045.57.5
BM(GG) 65-50-1606550160256.9432454.842.07.51115
BM(GG) 65-40-2006540200256.9450408.512.0111518.5
BM(GG) 65-40-2506540250256.94803714.722.018.52230
BM(GG) 65-40-3156540315256.941252731.532.4374555
BM(GG) 80-65-12580651255013.8920574.783.07.51115
BM(GG) 80-65-16080651605013.8932557.922.4111518.5
BM(GG) 80-50-20080502005013.89505013.622.418.52230
BM(GG) 80-50-25080502505013.89804524.212.4303745
BM(GG) 80-50-31580503155013.891254042.562.4557590
BM(GG) 100-80-1251008012510027.7820618.934.5111518.5
BM(GG) 100-80-1601008016010027.78326114.294.318.52230
BM(GG) 100-65-2001006520010027.78506022.703.9303745
BM(GG) 100-65-2501006525010027.78805638.923.6557590
BM(GG) 100-65-3151006531510027.781255068.103.290110132
BM(GG) 125-100-20012510020020055.56506541.915.0557590
BM(GG) 125-100-25012510025020055.56806369.184.590110132
BM(GG) 125-100-31512510031520055.5612558117.424.5160200250

Standard performance Table:(Prime mover speed n=1450 r/min)
Type of pumpInlet of suctionOutlet of dischargeName of impellerFlow rate QHead of headefficiencyPower of shaftCavitation allowanceMotor model Power (kW)& medium specific gravity (g/cm3)
BM(GG) 32-20-125322012520.565360.0820.550.751.1
BM(GG) 32-20-160322016020.568330.1320.550.751.1
BM(GG) 40-25-125402512541.115350.1620.550.751.1
BM(GG) 40-25-160402516041.118320.2720.751.11.5
BM(GG) 40-25-200402520041.1112.5250.5421.11.52.2
BM(GG) 50-32-12550321256.31.755340.2520.550.751.1
BM(GG) 50-32-16050321606.31.758310.4420.751.11.5
BM(GG) 50-32-20050322006.31.7512.5240.8921.52.23
BM(GG) 50-32-25050322506.31.7520191.812345.5
BM(GG) 65-50-125655012512.53.475410.4220.751.11.5
BM(GG) 65-50-160655016012.53.478360.7621.52.23
BM(GG) 65-40-200654020012.53.4712.5311.3722.234
BM(GG) 65-40-250654025012.53.4720262.62245.57.5
BM(GG) 65-40-315654031512.53.4732215.192.57.51115
BM(GG) 80-65-1258065125256.945470.722.51.52.23
BM(GG) 80-65-1608065160256.948451.212.52.234
BM(GG) 80-50-2008065200256.9412.5412.082.545.57.5
BM(GG) 80-50-2508065250256.9420373.682.55.57.511
BM(GG) 80-50-3158065315256.9432317.032.5111518.5
BM(GG) 100-80-125100801255013.895551.242.52.234
BM(GG) 100-80-160100801605013.898532.062.5345.5
BM(GG) 100-65-200100802005013.8912.5513.342.55.57.511
BM(GG) 100-65-250100802505013.8920475.82.5111518.5
BM(GG) 100-65-315100803155013.89324310.142.51518.522
BM(GG) 125-100-20012510020010027.7812.5595.772.87.51115
BM(GG) 125-100-25012510025010027.78205310.282.81518.522
BM(GG) 125-100-31512510031510027.78324917.792.8223037
BM(GG) 125-100-40012510040010027.78504331.682.8374555
BM(GG) 150-125-25015012525020055.56206516.762.8223037
BM(GG) 150-125-31515012531520055.56326327.672.8374555
BM(GG) 150-125-40015012540020055.56505846.972.8557590
BM(GG) 200-150-250200150250400111.11206732.533.2455575
BM(GG) 200-150-315200150315400111.11326553.643.57590110
BM(GG) 200-150-400200150400400111.11506386.483.8110132160

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