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BM-F Series Fluorine Lined Magnetic Pump
BM-F Series Fluorine Lined Magnetic Pump

BM-F Series Fluorine Lined Magnetic Pump

Diameter: DN32~DN125
Flow rate: 0.8~200m3/h
Head: 5-125m
Speed: 1450r/min~2900r/min
Temperature: -20 ℃~100 ℃ (customized~180 ℃)
Pressure: 0-1.6MPa (high-pressure~42MPa)
Power: 0.55kW~132kW
Materials: Steel lining F46, steel lining PFA, etc
Fields: Transporting corrosive medium with arbitrary (strong) acidity, alkalis, oxidants, etc



Product description

The magnetic pump uses the magnetic coupling to transfer power, completely sealed without leakage, when the motor drives the magnetic coupling of the external magnetic steel rotation, the magnetic field line through the gap and isolation sleeve, acting on the dry internal magnetic steel, so that the pump rotor and the motor rotate synchronously, no mechanical contact to transfer torque. Because the liquid is enclosed in the isolation sleeve, the leakage of the material is completely solved, the pollution is reduced, the energy is saved, the environment is purified, and the physical and mental health of the staff on the production line is protected.

Product features

1. Pump body lining, impeller inner rotor, isolation sleeve is usually made of pure F46/PFA material one-time molding, no impurities precipitation, very suitable for conveying high purity, highly corrosive chemical liquid;

2. The pump body shell is made of ductile iron/stainless steel, the mechanical strength is very good, and can withstand heavy pipe load;

3. The flow part is lined with F46/PFA material, which has the characteristics of smooth flow channel, superior hydraulic performance, small hydraulic friction loss and high efficiency.

4. The pump shaft, bearing sleeve, dynamic and static ring are sintered silicon carbide (non-pressure sintered silicon carbide) (SSiC), with high hardness, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance and other characteristics;

5. The unique lubrication design of the inner hole of the bearing sleeve makes the lubrication and cooling of the sliding bearing pair more convenient, and it is easier to take away the heat generated by friction when the pump is running.

6. Outside the isolation sleeve, a special reinforcement cover made of imported PPS is added, so that the pump group can withstand higher system pressure and can eliminate the heat generated by the magnetic eddy current of the metal sleeve.

7. Super permanent magnetic rare earth material for internal and external magnetic separation, with excellent coupling performance, will not slip under large flow conditions, to ensure reliable operation of magnetic pump in strong corrosive occasions;

Scope of application

BM-F series lining fluorine magnetic pump can transport without solid particles, temperature in 100℃ (conventional performance) below any concentration (strength) acid, alkali, oxidants and other corrosive media without damage, Is chemical, petroleum, chemical products, electrolysis, electroplating, electronic aluminum foil, chemical fiber, chemical fertilizer, pharmaceutical, highly toxic, toxic, strong corrosion, flammable, explosive, valuable and nuclear pollution and other liquid transportation products of choice.

Monitoring protection

The magnetic pump solves the problem of conveying the dispersible materials in the industrial system, but the pump may be affected by the instability of the process conditions during work, so the protection device is recommended.

Ben Liu pump industry provides a variety of types of monitoring and protection devices:

Anti-dry rotation undercurrent protector: can prevent pump suction inlet liquid, liquid flow shortage and medium vaporization, cavitation caused by pump no-load or light load fault. When the working current is continuously lower than the set current limit, implement protective alarm and cut off the main power supply, and the action time is less than or equal to 10 seconds. The protector also has the functions of over-voltage, under-voltage, three-phase current imbalance and phase break protection.

Flow monitoring: The magnetic pump is effectively protected by monitoring the flow of the main circulation loop.

Performance range

Diameter: DN32~DN125

Flow rate: 0.8~200m3/h

Head: 5-125m


Temperature: -20 ℃~100 ℃ (customized~180 ℃)

Pressure: 0-1.6MPa (high-pressure~42MPa)

Power: 0.55kW~132kW

Materials: Steel lining F46, steel lining PFA, etc

Fields: Transporting corrosive medium with arbitrary (strong) acidity, alkalis, oxidants, etc

Performance parameters

Standard performance Table:(Prime mover speed n=2900 r/min)
Type of pumpInlet of suction
Outlet of discharge
Name of impeller
Flow rate QHead of head
Power of shaft
Cavitation allowance
Motor model Power (kW)& medium specific gravity (g/cm3)
BM-F32-20-12532201253.2 0.89 20280.62 2.0 1.52.23
BM-F32-20-16032201603.2 0.89 32251.12 2.0 2.234
BM-F40-25-12540251256.3 1.75 20350.98 2.0 2.234
BM-F40-25-16040251606.3 1.75 32311.77 2.0 345.5
BM-F40-25-20040252006.3 1.75 50253.43 2.0 5.57.511
BM-F50-32-125503212512.5 3.47 20421.62 2.0 345.5
BM-F50-32-160503216012.53.47 32392.79 2.0 45.57.5
BM-F50-32-200503220012.53.47 50315.49 2.0 7.51115
BM-F50-32-250503225012.53.47 802510.90 2.0 1518.522
BM-F65-50-1256550125256.94 20512.67 2.0 45.57.5
BM-F65-50-1606550160256.94 32454.84 2.0 7.51115
BM-F65-40-2006540200256.94 50408.51 2.0 111518.5
BM-F65-40-2506540250256.94 803714.72 2.0 18.52230
BM-F65-40-3156540315256.94 1252731.53 2.4 374555
BM-F80-65-12580651255013.89 20574.78 3.0 7.51115
BM-F80-65-16080651605013.89 32557.92 2.4 111518.5
BM-F80-50-20080502005013.89 505013.62 2.4 18.52230
BM-F80-50-25080502505013.89 804524.21 2.4 303745
BM-F80-50-31580503155013.89 1254042.56 2.4 557590
BM-F100-80-1251008012510027.78 20618.93 4.5 111518.5
BM-F100-80-1601008016010027.78 326114.29 4.3 18.52230
BM-F100-65-2001006520010027.78 506022.70 3.9 303745
BM-F100-65-2501006525010027.78 805638.92 3.6 557590
BM-F100-65-3151006531510027.78 1255068.10 3.2 90110132
BM-F125-100-20012510020020055.56 506541.91 5.0 557590
BM-F125-100-25012510025020055.56 806369.18 4.5 90110132
BM-F125-100-31512510031520055.56 12558117.42 4.5 160200250

Standard performance Table:(Prime mover speed n=1450 r/min)
Type of pumpInlet of suctionOutlet of dischargeName of impellerFlow rate QHead of headefficiencyPower of shaftCavitation allowanceMotor model Power (kW)& medium specific gravity (g/cm3)
BM-F 32-20-125322012520.565360.0820.550.751.1
BM-F 32-20-160322016020.568330.1320.550.751.1
BM-F 40-25-125402512541.115350.1620.550.751.1
BM-F 40-25-160402516041.118320.2720.751.11.5
BM-F 40-25-200402520041.1112.5250.5421.11.52.2
BM-F 50-32-12550321256.31.755340.2520.550.751.1
BM-F 50-32-16050321606.31.758310.4420.751.11.5
BM-F 50-32-20050322006.31.7512.5240.8921.52.23
BM-F 50-32-25050322506.31.7520191.812345.5
BM-F 65-50-125655012512.53.475410.4220.751.11.5
BM-F 65-50-160655016012.53.478360.7621.52.23
BM-F 65-40-200654020012.53.4712.5311.3722.234
BM-F 65-40-250654025012.53.4720262.62245.57.5
BM-F 65-40-315654031512.53.4732215.192.57.51115
BM-F 80-65-1258065125256.945470.722.51.52.23
BM-F 80-65-1608065160256.948451.212.52.234
BM-F 80-50-2008065200256.9412.5412.082.545.57.5
BM-F 80-50-2508065250256.9420373.682.55.57.511
BM-F 80-50-3158065315256.9432317.032.5111518.5
BM-F 100-80-125100801255013.895551.242.52.234
BM-F 100-80-160100801605013.898532.062.5345.5
BM-F 100-65-200100802005013.8912.5513.342.55.57.511
BM-F 100-65-250100802505013.8920475.82.5111518.5
BM-F 100-65-315100803155013.89324310.142.51518.522
BM-F 125-100-20012510020010027.7812.5595.772.87.51115
BM-F 125-100-25012510025010027.78205310.282.81518.522
BM-F 125-100-31512510031510027.78324917.792.8223037
BM-F 125-100-40012510040010027.78504331.682.8374555
BM-F 150-125-25015012525020055.56206516.762.8223037
BM-F 150-125-31515012531520055.56326327.672.8374555
BM-F 150-125-40015012540020055.56505846.972.8557590
BM-F 200-150-250200150250400111.11206732.533.2455575
BM-F 200-150-315200150315400111.11326553.643.57590110
BM-F 200-150-400200150400400111.11506386.483.8110132160

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