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ZW Series Self-priming Sewage Pump
ZW Series Self-priming Sewage Pump

ZW Series Self-priming Sewage Pump

Diameter: DN25-DN300
Flow rate: 5-800m3/h
Head: ~80m
Suction lift: ≤ 5m
Temperature: -20 ℃~100 ℃
Materials: cast iron, 201, 304, 316, etc
Fields: Municipal sewage engineering, light industry, papermaking, mining, and river pond aquaculture industries; It can absorb and discharge solid blocks containing large particles, long fibers, sediments, impurities from waste mines, fecal treatment, and engineering wastewater.

Product description

ZW type self-priming non-blocking sewage pump set self-priming and non-blocking sewage in one, using axial reflux external mixing, and through the pump body, impeller flow channel design, do not need to install the bottom valve and irrigation water, can suction containing large particles of solid diameter of the outlet diameter of 60% and the maximum length of fiber for the outlet diameter of 5 times the impurity liquid, its self-priming height of up to 5.5 meters. Can replace all kinds of submersible, liquid type sewage pump.

Product features

ZW self-priming sewage pump, also known as solid-liquid pump or impurity pump, is a single stage single suction horizontal, suction inlet for axial suction, outlet for vertical upward, self-priming inlet to the motor end for clockwise rotation. Pump inlet and outlet connection: flange (GB115.7-8-88) according to the basic type. The matching motor is Y type asynchronous motor, can choose the ordinary type or explosion-proof type, according to the requirements of the separate agreement. This series of pump is made of cast iron, stainless steel can also be selected according to the user's needs, for conveying corrosive media.

The hydraulic design of this series pump is unique, the impeller is contracted in a separate impeller chamber, connected to the impeller chamber is the pressurized water chamber, when the impeller rotates, the liquid in the pump produces strong axial eddy current, so that the inlet creates a vacuum, and the outlet produces a head. Therefore, impurities can be discharged from the pressurized water chamber, so its flow channel is completely unimpeded, and its sewage effect is incomparable to other self-priming sewage pumps.

This series pump can be like the general self-suction pump does not need to install the bottom valve, but also can absorb and discharge large particles of solid blocks, long fiber, sediment, waste ore impurities, feces, can deal with engineering sewage. Suitable for municipal sewage engineering, light industry, papermaking, textile, chemical, petroleum, mining and other industries. It is the most ideal impurity pump for pumping solid particles, fiber, slurry and mixed suspension media in China.

Performance parameters

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